That’s what I always assumed; didn’t you?

You may already be familiar with Americans Elect, the group working to put an internet-nominated presidential candidate on the ballot in 50 states.  Just visited there to see what names have been submitted to date.

10 responses to “That’s what I always assumed; didn’t you?

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  2. Now this is a funny post.


  3. Oh, he gives me the shivers!


  4. Sick bastards.
    Bill Maher for President.


  5. The lawyer is an invasive species in Texas. Whenever he sees one among the native fauna, he shoots it in the face. This is clearly out of concern for the environment.


  6. I was going to say how different he looks lately. I used to respect Cheney, but not so much now. Don’t forget people thought he was the reasonable one when he ran with Bush in 2000.


    • I remember Cheney before 2000 as an ordinary Western conservative. He was a big surprise when he turned out to be, well, who he turned out to be. I think the first hint was when Bush put him in charge of the search committee for his VP candidate and Cheney chose himself.

      Hey Bruce – what happened to your gravatar?


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