Because someone has to

Oh, the things I subject myself to . . . Greta Vam Sustren interviewed Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach last night. I’m listening now: in the first half, the Greta asked a single question and Limbaugh talked for 27 uninterrupted minutes (who else, besides a President, gets half an hour without commercials)?

Another ten minutes in, and Greta has managed to ask two entire questions — an easy interview for her, no prep necessary. Aha! Now, at last we have our first commercial.

I won’t bother with the final minutes – I think I’ve got the take-away down:

Flash! the Democrat Party (not Democratic, their actual name, because an insult is intended) and the mainstream media are the cause of every ill this nation has suffered since WWII, as well as the reason marriage rates are down despite his own valiant effort to prop the numbers up.

I knew that.

2 responses to “Because someone has to

  1. He gets more commercial interruptions on his radio show! Did he endorse any of the Presidential candidates?


    • Oh he’s a Gingrich man through and through – after all in 1994, Gingrich made him an honorary member of that Congress. Said they couldn’t have taken back the House without the help of the fat obese mysogynistic drug-addled, much married bigot.


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