A Lowe’s stunt to pull


Jon Stewart nails it on the bizarre logic behind the Florida Family Association’s complaint against Lowe’s:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

9 responses to “A Lowe’s stunt to pull

  1. A great moment of satire. I hope but sincerely doubt there’s gonna be a significant boycoy…


  2. You have to wonder about that ‘reporter’ who intereviewed the guy . . . the disconnect just didn’t occur to her I guess. Bad hair day maybe.

    The thing both Stewart and Colbert do best is mockery. An underutilized tool methinks, but htey’ve got it covered.


  3. Lowe’s stunt . . . 🙂


  4. Simply put, it was a logical decision by Lowes and one very similar to many that have been done in the wake of the recent boycotts and calls for boycotts that the Liberals started last year. Companies have simply started pulling ads from controversial shows as soon as they get complaints from the target market.

    It was also an easier than many decision for any advertising on “All American Muslim” because the show was failing, especially in the best target audience demographics.


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