Now this is one lame move

Until now, I’ve held fast to my belief that Romney will be the eventual nominee of the Republican Party to run against Obama. Bachmann didn’t change my mind. Perry didn’t change my mind. Cain didn’t change my mind. And certainly it’s not Newt that has made me question my assumption.

It’s this.

14 responses to “Now this is one lame move

  1. Smart move. Republicans want an angry candidate and nobody among Republicans carry more anger than Coulter. It should pay for Romney.


  2. Smart move by Romney…..
    Let Coulter get the gutter with Newt….


  3. aFrankAngle,

    Considering how rich Congressional Democrats have gotten, writing laws for the rest of us and not for themselves, isn’t your video just a tad hypocritical ?


  4. My God, he really will do anything for conservative support, won’t he? This might backfire on him by alienating moderate Republicans.


  5. I was listening to Ann Coulter call into Glenn Beck’s show and promote Romney’s case. It was hilarious: right before she called, Beck was blasting Romney all over the place. At first he was shocked to hear her endorsement, then his voice took on this “ah, so these are my marching orders?” tone. These days, Beck blasts Gingrich and says Romney would be much more acceptable.

    Amazing what a little Coulter can do!


    • You want to have some more fun? Catch a little bit of FOX News and watch how confused the morning/daytime anchors are .. . they don’t know who they’re supposed to like anymore. They loved Gingrich, but then Charles Krathhammer (a FOX wise old man) blasted him in a column, so they’re adrift. It is quite remarkable to watch it unfold.


  6. Haha that’s rediculous. No way


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