What are they smoking in Korea?

According to the Weekly Standard (I know, sometimes too rapid linky-linky lands me in strange places), this is the architectural rendering of a pair of residential towers proposed for Seoul with what they’re calling a ‘cloud feature’ connecting the buildings. I’m speechless.

13 responses to “What are they smoking in Korea?

  1. Surely someone will see this for the bad taste it represents. It should be offensive to everyone. I doubt it will get built.


  2. Well.. it sort of looks like something that happened in NYC a decade ago.


  3. I saw this….
    The City will NEVER give approval to this design plan….
    I think even the people building the place understand that….


  4. I think it celebrates Koreans who happen to have hernias.
    Or not.


  5. You know, I didn’t think it was so bad. I’m iconoclastic I guess.


  6. Even if we entirely forget about 9/11, the thing would still look like a tumor or a fungus or some other undesirable growth. Yeeech.


  7. Yow! That is one ugly concept. I surely hope it doesn’t get beyond the conceptual stage.


  8. Needless to say, EPIC FAIL.


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