Nothing is forever, Newt: Mitch Daniels and the nominating convention

I agree with David Frum that despite all the giggling over his ‘frontrunner’ status, there is no question that Gingrich will implode. It’s never been a question of if,  it’s always been a question of when.

He's tanned. He's rested. He's ready.

Which is why my mind turns yet again to the possibility of a brokered convention. What if the Newtster can hide his real self from those who right now drape him with public accolades, which he so craves, right up to Super Tuesday? What if he even holds his water and performs credibly on that day?

Imagine the GOP political establishment counting down to Tampa and staring speechless as Newt counts up the delegates in his pockets.

I wonder how many are this very day camped out on Mitch Daniels’ doorstep? Taking the reluctant spouse aside and saying puh-leeezz-eee. And perhaps they work on Mitch long enough, perhaps they convince him his party is in crisis. Enter the alternative. A steady hand, more intellect than ego. And electable. Mitch Daniels. Whaddaya think?

15 responses to “Nothing is forever, Newt: Mitch Daniels and the nominating convention

  1. I don’t know about Mitch…..

    But I’m with ya on Newt imploding…..


  2. The essence of the Republican party for the last few years has been anger and vileness. Like the class of governors of 2010: Scott, Snyder, Kasich, Walker, Bentley, Lepage, Martinez, Corbett, Brownback, Haley, Deal…

    The archetype of the angry, vile, mean candidate is Newt Gingrich. That’s why he’s now so far ahead.

    They just want a potty mouth. Any potty mouth.


    • Living in Gov Scott’s state, I can attest to the truth of that Jay. He’s got absolutely no concept of the civic realm. None at all. He thinks government is all about a balance sheet. And if that part works, he’ll count himself successful even if children are starving on the street.

      And the mean? I think you just articulated something I hadn’t put together before . . . . and yeah, Newt is the perfect pinnacle of that trend.

      Maybe all those govs will beocme as unpopular as Scott, Kasich, Walker . . . we could use a dose of buyer’s remorse.


  3. Time is working against the GOP now it seems.. This set of positions a candidate is forced into taking is becoming ever more impossible for each month that passes.. and at some point even lots of money from the donors can’t buy an election anymore.

    And in some ways one might say that the Democrats and center-left never really managed to fight back the tide of corruption and inequality since the 1980s – and now it just solves itself by default, in a heavy handed and very clumsy way.


    • I think OWS and similar movements are going to have to be a lot more troublesome before we see it having an effect on our governing class. Broken and bought government is at least being acknowledged now in media (some anyway) but that doesn’t send a kid to school.


  4. After the return of the minority, most of Daniels’ backed agenda was passed; education reform bills were enacted, creating a statewide school voucher program, restricting collective bargaining rights for teachers, and instituting a merit pay system for public school personnel. Immigrations laws penalizing companies who employed undocumented workers and denied in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants was enacted. A stronger abortion regulation law was enacted that outlawed abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy, state funding was withdrawn from all healthcare providers that offered abortion services (though this has currently been halted by a Federal Judge), and the corporate income tax rate was lowered…..


    • My impression of him, even allowing for all that stuff (including architect of Bush’s tax cuts) isn’t as off putting in a year when the likes of Bachmann, Cain, Perry, Trump, Santorum and the Newtster are driving the process. In that light, Daniels looks like the angel gabriel.


  5. Ms. Holland,
    ” he’ll count himself successful even if children are starving on the street. ”
    Do you really have children starving on the street ?
    As you recently said to me on another topic
    ” Reaching deep into the indignation today, aren’t you. “


    • Figure of speech Alan. Neither has he been successful nor have I seen any starving children in the streets.

      As for Scott and his ilk, I’m not indignant – I’m seriously pissed off.


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