War on Christmas: GOP edition

The US Chamber of Commerce will host the Republican National Committee’s “Holiday Party”. Yup.

(Did you know that up until last year, Bill O’Reilly hawked a line of “Holiday Gifts” at his online store. That headline seems to be missing this year and guess what word doesn’t even appear? Give up? Holiday. ‘Holiday’ doesn’t appear. Lots of mentions of ‘gifts’ but nary a word about what the ‘gifts’ are for. Count this a victory for Jon Stewart.)

4 responses to “War on Christmas: GOP edition

  1. How about festavus for the rest of us?


  2. The real ‘war’ is the rampant consumerism that our ill-concieved economy is based on these days.

    Never thought I’d hate Wayne Brady for displaying all that crap I’ll never have…..sigh. Bah-humbug.

    Back to work. I need another lump of coal.


    • It’s because of that consumerism that here in our country, Christmas ends on Dec. 25, which according to any church calendar is but the FIRST DAY of Christmas. The 12 days end on Jan. 6, the feast of The Epiphany. Hell, I’m pretty mcuh an atheist and I know that, so why don’t all those lamenting words like “Holiday”.


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