The tree. It is up.

The too-big Christmas tree is no longer too big and sits in its traditional spot in my living room. It is yet buck naked but looks great (and even smells wonderful!). So my holidays may now commence thanks to good neighbor Jim, partner of good neighbor Barb. He’s my Christmas tree go-to guy. I always buy the thing and haul it home, but until Jim comes over to help make sure it goes into the stand straight, it sits outside. This year he brought the cordless saw and promptly took it down a size and made it perfect. Now, once once I get the lights on (nobody’s favorite job) I can enjoy the sweet part – unboxing the ornaments, some so old they’re from my grandmother’s trees (albeit fewer each year) – and finding the perfect spot for each.

2 responses to “The tree. It is up.

  1. I hope you will share some pictures? Merry Christmas Moe!


    • Oh there will be pictures Rita! But now the damn tree is too short. Not going to be the best tree year ever, that’s for sure.

      And Merry right back at ya!


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