That explains it!

Donald Trump is pissed that Obama never called him for advice. Really. He just said so on FOX’s Gretta-had-her-face-done-and-can’t-stop-now. He did, he really did.  Need to somehow join these images.



12 responses to “That explains it!

  1. Let’s face it, he’s an attention whore.


  2. So now Huntsman, Romney and Paul have all declined.

    Anything that splits the right and shows some hints of a growing moderate powercenter on the conservative side, is a sign of progress at this point.


  3. Trump’s hair would make you think of ice cream and you wouldn’t hear his advice anyway.


  4. That Trump is complaining about Obama never calling him for advice is laughable. That a large percentage of Obama’s own appointees and cabinet members have been repeatedly making the same complaint is a problem.


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