But it’s entertaining, and that’s what matters here

Mac this morning; from an article from Der Spiegel, the largest circulation newspaper in Germany, read all over the world. And this is what they think of our GOP clown train.

(To those who disdain all those ‘elite Europeans” – opinions matter. They matter in business, in investments, and in diplomatic relations. They really matter.)

The US Republican race is dominated by ignorance, lies and scandals. The current crop of candidates have shown such a basic lack of knowledge that they make George W. Bush look like Einstein. The Grand Old Party is ruining the entire country’s reputation. . . .

They lie. They cheat. They exaggerate. They bluster. They say one idiotic, ignorant, outrageous thing after another. They’ve shown such stark lack of knowledge — political, economic, geographic, historical — that they make George W. Bush look like Einstein and even cause their fellow Republicans to cringe.

“When did the GOP lose touch with reality?” wonders Bush’s former speechwriter David Frum in New York Magazine. In the New York Times, Kenneth Duberstein, Ronald Reagan’s former chief-of-staff, called this campaign season a “reality show,” while Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan confidante Peggy Noonan even spoke of a “freakshow.”

Here’s the Der Spiegel headline: A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

They’ve got this part right:

So the US elections are a reality show after all, a pseudo-political counterpart to the Paris Hiltons, Kim Kardashians and all the “American Idol” and “X Factor” contestants littering today’s TV. The cruder, the dumber, the more bizarre and outlandish — the more lucrative. Especially for Fox News, whose viewers were recently determined by Fairleigh Dickinson University to be far less informed than people who don’t watch TV news at all.

I’m so proud.

12 responses to “But it’s entertaining, and that’s what matters here

  1. Simply well said, but it will fall on deaf ears.


  2. How many past Republican candidates has Europe liked? Or Presidents including Democrats for that matter? Sadly seems mostly correct though.


    • Well, Eisenhower was their hero and Reagan was pretty popular in England and Germany. Bush 41 was very respected. They hated Bush 43. Pretty much everywhere except Israel.


      • Hey Moe.

        Bush 43 was liked a little bit more in Eastern Europe. Western Europe did hate him – except for the nationalist euro-trash, that is.

        Israel is going to like any leader that is willing to sacrifice their own young men and women to support their unlawful occupation of Palestine. “God gave them that land!”.

        I am not against Israel, or anything, but christians are delusional. That is what scares me about the Rick Perry’s of out nation. If that man get’s elected, he will have us fighting a holy war just like the last guy from Texas.


        • Hi Sam! Like the new gravatar . . . maybe one day you’ll get the blog going again. I can hope!

          Perry’s done. I’m still beleiving it’ll be Romney, but whatever the outcome I will bet money that it won’t be Gingrich.


  3. :: sighs ::

    THIS is the legacy of my country? Wingnuts?


  4. Oh, and thinks for complimenting my new gravitar – I am posting from my lappy now, so that is why it’s not there.


  5. So…

    Best looking (to me)? I’d say:

    from most to least

    Bachman (God no, I wouldn’t vote for her, but I’m not gay and she’s a women)
    Huntsman (too bad he has no chance)
    Obama (likely to vote for)


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