I know this will shock you, but . . .

. . .  Time Magazine thinks Americans shouldn’t have to process all that  challenging stuff. Especially during the “Season of Shopping”. More important things to think about you know.

15 responses to “I know this will shock you, but . . .

  1. True … but I wonder how many times the opposite situation exists. Just a contrarian thought.


  2. Almost enuff to make me put down my Pottery Barn catalog.


  3. Wow. Of course, I should have expected that whoever is running Time-Warner (or whatever it’s called these days) would prefer the filthy peasants from worrying their poor little heads about reality.

    Of course, many of the filthy peasants are of the same opinion famously voiced by Bush Jr.’s Mother: “… Why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”


  4. Wow. Just … infantilizing.


  5. Oh, this is maddening! I suppose I should not be surprised, but really!
    I’m glad you posted this. I would never have known.


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