Again? Christie says “Obama’s just a bystander”

Has he noticed Romney sliding? Have the pleadings of adoring fans and desperate Republicans broken through his usual good sense and otherwise honest assessment of himself?  It can all be pretty seductive. Convention draft anyone?

8 responses to “Again? Christie says “Obama’s just a bystander”

  1. America could do worse. Actually, we’re doing far, far worse right now with Campaigner-in-Chief titularly in office.

    Also, I’d kind of want a POTUS who had to be convinced to run for office. I’ve always thought that wanting that job just might just be good enough reason for being disqualified from having it.


    • Hey jonolan – hope you had a satisfactory gobble gobble!

      I like Christie for the same reason I like Ron Paul – I’m still a liberal but man oh man, it’s nice to hear some candor. And they both deliver in that way.

      A century ago, candidates didn’t campaign. It was considered beneath such great men – their minions did it for htem and they waited to see if htey’d been elected. Just imagine it now!!!


      • Candor and the ubiquitous lack of it in politicians is something that transcends ideology. As I think I’ve commented here before, I’d vote for a “Jeb Bartlett” in a heartbeat even though I despised the character’s beliefs.


        • Then we agree – but that permanent ‘campaign industery’ out there would lose a few schekles if candiates stopped listening to them. And candidates are such wusses!!! Romney is kind of the pinnacle of the American candidate. At this point, no matter what may have been there once, he is entirely a construct.


          • 😆 I’m still half waiting for Obama to drop Biden and offer the VP ticket slot in 2012 to Romney. They’re a perfect fit for each other and it’d, whether Romney accepted or not, get rid of who Obama’s handlers have to see as their biggest threat.


  2. It could easily be a brokered convention. I’d love it.


    • Hey Doug, welcome. I’m so old, I watched the 1960 convention on TV in the ‘television room’ in my college dorm. It was exciting stuff – the outcome was not a sure thing going in. And there were endless deals being made, especially around LBJ. States were changing their votes . . can’t remember how many votes it took (guess I could look it up but I’m very lazy). I do remember that we had to stay up half the night until it was settled.


    • Oh, meant to say, I’d love it too. Some real politics.


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