Romney and Pawlenty even look like Kerry and Edwards

Yeah, that’s Moe’s prediction – Romney picks Pawlenty (unless he’s another Mormon – that would be a spoiler for sure. Is he?).

(By the way, go google images for Kerry and Edwards – was there something going on there that we missed?)

16 responses to “Romney and Pawlenty even look like Kerry and Edwards

  1. Yet Romney is taking a fashion que from Obama: no tie but a jacket.


  2. Pawlenty is not nearly as much of a pretty boy as Edwards, though 🙂 If at least he could make up for his conservative malarkey with his looks…


  3. Anonymous is me by the way.


  4. But would T-Paw satisfy the far right?


    • If Romney gets the nomination in spite of the far right, he should be able to get someone like Pawlenty . . . plus the establishment would push hard. Not the Kochs of course – they could spend a gajillion to fight a ticket like that, but do htey really want Obama? I don’t think so.


  5. Edwards is NOT a good look these days….


  6. How about Romney-Gingrich? I don’t know if Newt’s ego could take that though.



  7. It doesn’t seem to be logging me for some reason



  8. I’ll blame Obamacare and socialism.


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