The Ugly Shopper

Look how they hug those waffle-makers tightly, close to their bodies. They look like desperately hungry people fighting over a food drop. But no, it’s just the American consumer, the one who used to be the American citizen, out shopping. And grabbing the bargains at Walmart, where they live for this shit. Ugly stuff.

23 responses to “The Ugly Shopper

  1. Indeed. Though the more they buy, the more people need to produce. Greater production requires more workers…et cetera.

    I agree it looks ugly out there, but hopefully the gluttonous American consumer will help us add a point or two to GDP growth, and reduce unemployment.


    • true Sean, if the people producing stuff for Walmart were Americans. But they’re not. Don’s point is correct.

      Dont know if you heard about it, but there’s a meme going around to buy serivces instead of goods for gifts, i.e., a massage or a spa day instead of beauty products for your wife. Keeps the money local.


  2. People run to Wal-Mart in the wee hours of the morning, to save a buck or two, for most products that are made in China, and stocked in a big box store, that pays shitty wages, and wants to do away with health insurance. If it wasn’t for Xmas, would people be buying all this useless shit? Hell no!


  3. I’m praying for the Buy Nothing Day to grow to give back some dignity to this country.


  4. What’s in those boxes? A cure for cancer? The secrets of the universe? That kind of buying frenzy boggles my mind.


  5. American consumers, or American Income Streams. There to be exploited.


  6. It’s a catch-22. Our economy is driven by insane consumerism but that is also the root cause of our current economic debacle and most of the crap that has been whined about for decades.


  7. jonolan has it right – a perfect Catch 22. We’re in a place where we need to ‘grow’ the economy, but the activity that makes that happen is consumption. And all the xmas stuff aside, there’s not likely to be enough demand to create that growth.

    mac – you have it right. With the Christmas shopping push beginning at Halloween with lights and decorations, and the ‘season’ on tv and radio and elsewhere begins at Thanksgiving, those shoppers are the wrong ones to blame. Relentless marketing has trained a few generations into this kind of behavior.

    The real 12 Days of Christmas are actually 12/25 to 01/06, but screw that apparently. Last year, I was driving to my sister’s house on Christmas morning and tried to find Christmas music on the radio. None. Except for public radio, I could find none. The season was over.


    • It’s not the the place we’re in now. America’s economy has been based on rampant consumerism and living beyond our means for at least a generation (22 years).

      Face it, when the average American household is carrying $10K in credit card debt alone, we buying way too much and basing our economy upon it.

      But….What would happen if we got our minds right and started living within our means? In the short-term, I think it would be globally catastrophic.

      Yet, during the “dot bomb” people railed at Pres. Bush for asking Americans to buy things…


      • jonolan, I’m old enough to remember when credit cards came into our lives. At first they were just for the monied class, but within a few years we all had them . . but debt was debt and the majority of people were sensible about it. Then the banks started sending unsolicited cards to everyone – even to teenagers who saw them as free money. Duh. (I think that was stopped by law) TWO generations have grown up now with cc’s in their pockets. In recent years, I’ve been stunned by how younger people aren’t particularly bothered by their balance as long as they can make the minimum payment.

        I don’t know what hte answer is, but I think you’re right that it could be very ugly.


    • I have the same problem, Moe. In Poland, they don’t start playing carols until Christmas Eve, but then they keep playing Christmas music for a few weeks afterwards.

      I’m not saying it should be done the same way here, but I’d like to be able to find some Christmas music on the evening of Christmas Day, at least. There’s nothing. Not sure if it’s a short attention span problem or just the fact that people are sick of hearing this stuff since Thanksgiving.


  8. Forgetting about their awful corporate culture of exploitation and wholesale sending of American jobs to China, I almost never go to Wal-Mart for another reason.

    I hate dealing with mobs.


    • I’m with you. Don’t shop at Walmar. Been there only a few times and it’s just too damn big to find anything. And all those towns who fight so hard to keep Walmart out to save their downtowns. They always lose.


  9. A radio station in Boston starts playing Christmas music on Veterans Day, and its non-stop, 24/7 through December 25.


  10. I have to say after watching this a second time, that I think the scene is chaotic, but most people look calm, even a little jovial. That said I avoided the stores and did a lot of online shopping on Friday.

    Christmas is an overhyped holiday, but I always really enjoy thinking of what people important to me might like.


    • Me too bruce – the best part is coming up with the perfect gift. These days I only buy for the little ones, but it’s still fun. NOT on the busy days though.


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