The. Thanksgiving. Classic.

9 responses to “The. Thanksgiving. Classic.

  1. OMG my all time favorite!!!


  2. Was there supposed to be more than 16 sec.? I don’t get it.


    • It really is only 16 seconds. It’s from a Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, a 1980’s sitcom. The radio station does a promo by – disastrously – releasing live turkeys from a helicopter onto a shopping center. It didn’t go well. Thus “as god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”.


  3. Live turkeys from a helicopter? OH DEAR GOD, THE CARNAGE!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Moe.


    • 🙂 Ahab, those were the very words out of the mouth of Les Nessman, WKRP’s on scene live reporter. If you haven’t seen the entire episode, go find it – a comedy treasure.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ahab.


  4. I think WKRP may actually have premiered in the late 1970’s. Partially explained Heb’s wide lapels and big ties. It was such a great show. I was in college I think when I watched this the first time.


  5. Oh my …. that episode is a classic … and yes, still referred to here in Cincinnati … and just so people know, NO – WKRP did not actually exist. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


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