“$$$$$$$$” they said. And that was that.

There’s an interesting comment thread going on at The Erstwhile Conservative that has moved into a discussion of how tribal we are and what are the possibilities for electoral reform to fix our broken government.

Jim Wheeler and I were chatting about things like redistricting . I’d just said that I was not hopeful we’d ever be able to repair what’s broken in our government. And this came out:

Ironically though, I think it’s the venerable First Amendment that will ultimately stand in the way, and render us helpless against the poisonous effect of corporate money and obscene levels of lobbying. That’s one of the reasons I’m not hopeful.

I think that’s true – that sacred instrument that has protected our speech for nearly 250 years is finally the weapon being used to destroy our institutions and ultimately our government. Whatever is left once they finish the dirty job, it’s not likely to include a right to free speech.

10 responses to ““$$$$$$$$” they said. And that was that.

  1. Depressing, isn’t it.


  2. And therein lies a great irony, that corporations-as-people may have greater influence and protection under the First Amendment than flesh and blood citizens.

    I think reversing the Citizens United decision would be a good start. Of course, powerful corporations won’t take that lying down.


  3. actually as long as there is Compromise the system will functioning as it WAS designed…
    Moe you gotta have patience….
    This is ALL BULL SHIT…..
    Lost in all the media hype in Congress passed a $182 Billion Spending Bill….
    Cause they wanted to be home for Turkey Dinner….
    When the have got out on limb…
    As they always do….
    They’ll settle this….
    Oh yea with such little faith!

    He, he, he…..


    • [actually as long as there is Compromise the system will functioning as it WAS designed]

      Problem is, james, the days of compromise on the important matters are over. I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like this.

      I really do fear for the country.


  4. It’s a very dense court that doesn’t know the difference between free speech and expensive speech.


    • They’re not dense mudge – gosh, I wish that were all it was. They know the difference alright,but they hold the ‘little guy’ in no regard and their allegiance is to the oligarchs. (not the four liberals, but the other five).


  5. It all boils down to a Supreme Court ruling that was the single greatest affront to the Constitution since its creation:

    One man dollar, one vote.


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