Friday oldie!

Ahh, slow dancing to The Platters . . . I fell in love every single time.

3 responses to “Friday oldie!

  1. This was one of my jukebox favorites at the Hang Out behind the Long Beach Casino at Panama City Beach, Florida.

    Where the heck were you? I was there for that slow dance.

    And when the heck are you going to add me to your blogroll. You’re on mine.

    You going to stand me up a second time? My heart was broken once by you.

    Isn’t that just the saddest thing you have ever heard?


    • Were you the guy with the peg pants? I was looking over . . . I really was! 🙂 We had beach casinos in Connecticut too – but there was no gambling, just pavilions and maybe dancing. Why did we call them casinos?

      I thought I already had you on the blogroll Jon. Fixing it right now!


  2. Peg pants? Yes, quit possibly that was me – slicked back hair, duck tail, white socks, penny loafers. So that was you checking me out!

    The Long Beach Casino had no gambling, just arcade games. The real action was at the Hang Out – open air pavilions with jukeboxes right on the beach.

    Thanks for the listing. I will try to be worthy.


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