Does something sinister this way come?

Cute kittehs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cute kittehs everywhere. And they pretend they’re the ones being pushed around by the big bad humans, but I ask you – who’s really  in charge here?

(thanks friend Shep)

7 responses to “Does something sinister this way come?

  1. As a cat person, I love cat videos! Thanks for the morning cheer.


  2. 😆 gets even scarier, Moe.

    Thankfully those particular cats are only found in England … so far.


  3. Elvis knows we can learn a lot from cats but I feel for those having to endure the indignity of being costumed.


  4. “Who’s in charge goes through my mind when ever I think about who is picking up who’s poo.

    I luv this.


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