Zuccotti Park raided


NYPD raided Zuccotti Park at 1 AM this morning and cleared it. They destroyed all property, including the library. There were 70+ arrests.

12 responses to “Zuccotti Park raided

  1. The Protestors are ALREADY back in the park….


  2. Ok..check that….
    The Protestors and the Cops are waiting for a decesion from ANOTHER judge on the cities challage to the first judges order that protestors and their tents be allowed back in the park…..

    The owners of the park who seem to have little if now prior knowledge of the police sweep are now on board with the city’s action…

    More to come….


  3. little if no prior knowledge….


  4. Judge’s order is in–the protesters were denied re-occupation of the park. People will be allowed back in, but sleeping bags, tents, permanent structures, will not be allowed.

    There is a OWS request for all to come to the park immediately; many from the area are now streaming in.

    As of 5:30 PM the police opened the park; they’re letting a few people in at a time.


  5. My heart sank when I learned about the early morning police raid. I’m eager to see where OWS will go from here, given the judge’s order.


    • The police announced the new rules: the park will close at 10 PM; tents, tarps, sleeping bags, lying down, and sleeping in the park are now prohibited.

      My sense is both sides will claim victory. The city and Brookfield got what they wanted; OWS counters that the rules are basically what they were before they were allowed to put up tents, plus the police action has energized the movement beyond anything it was before.

      And OWS is right–watching the ustream I’ve been glued to all day, there are now Occupies everywhere: people from Occupy Philly and Occupy New Brunswick raced to Zuccotti Park as soon as they heard it was being shut down; there’s even an Occupy The Highway that’s marching between Occupy New Brunswick and Occupy Princetion. What started in Zuccotti Park has exploded; whatever the authorities do at this point, they will never be able to shut it down.


      • I’m hearing conflicting reports about the OWS library of 5,000+ books. Some sources are saying that police burned the books, while others are saying that the books were confiscated. Have you heard any updates?


        • Good news…it appears the books were taken to a sanitation garage, not thrown away as originally believed. Don’t know how people got the idea–maybe everything being carted away in sanitation trucks..;-)


        • Update: re the library, saw this posted on a few pages, as well as OWSLibrary Twitter feed. This one is from here.

          Occupy Wall Street librarians reported tonight that the NYPD have confiscated the OWS library for a second time, a few blocks away from the National Book Awards ceremony.

          The librarians tweeted: “OWSlibrary been told to remove the books from the park or the police will seize them.” Five minutes later, they wrote: “NYPD & Brookfield have taken the People’s Library again. and we love you all.” Bookseller Michael Lieberman added this information: “heard from Betsy Fagin one of the original OWS librarians that nypd and Brookfield did indeed take everything!”


  6. NYPD raided Zuccotti Park at 1 AM this morning and cleared it.

    I’m not clear. Are you FOR or AGAINST breaking the law?


  7. Why don’t OWS campers have to get camping permits ? Why didn’t they have to pay city taxes for living in NYC ? Why don’t the 99% pay their fair share of taxes ? Especially when they cost the city so much in police overtime and sanitation services. What about the environmental damage these polluters caused?


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