Veteran’s Day Friday oldie

The one. The only. Phil Ochs.


4 responses to “Veteran’s Day Friday oldie

  1. Cool! I just read the Wikipedia entry on Phil Ochs. He led an interesting life. There’s a documentary about him called Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune. I’m going to watch it tonight. 🙂 (My wife’s out of town.)


    • How was the film? I knew Ochs in NYC in the early sixties. Okay . . . I only met him a few times in public places, but I saw him perform and was an early fan. This was before he had his psychotic break. Such a soul he was/.


      • I only watched the first half last night, which wasn’t all that interesting. Maybe the second half will be better. It’s available on Netflix if you use that service.


      • I watched the second half last night. Sad story. Phil Ochs grew up pretty much without the love of parents. His father was in a mental institution and his mother was detached, I guess your would call it, towards her children. He was bi-polar and became schizophrenic, which may explain his heavy drinking. His main purpose in life was protesting against the Vietnam war, and when the war ended, he was lost. He tried to find another cause, which took him to Africa. While walking along the beach there, he was mugged and nearly killed. His vocal chords were damaged during the attack, and he lost his great singing voice, which he never regained. He hung himself on a coat hook on the back of a door in 1976.


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