Perry. What’s left to say?

Just stopped in at the conservative site Hot Air to see the reaction to Perry’s Governor Goodhair’s shocking memory ‘failure’ at last night’s debate. They made it easy with a convenient wrap of comments from around the media. Their headline said it all – the Gov imploded and the campaign is over.

Via Business Insider. A few choice quotes. Larry Sabato: To my memory, Perry’s forgetfulness is the most devastating moment of any modern primary debate.

Rich Lowry: That might be the most uncomfortable moment I’ve ever witnessed in presidential politics.

Mona Charen: That was the greatest flame-out I’ve ever witnessed in a debate.

(skip to 1:35 into the video to see the disaster)

Even I was embarrassed for Perry – I never like to see a person humiliated in public.

12 responses to “Perry. What’s left to say?

  1. It was over after the first two debates…..

    The right just can’t accept that Romney will be running against Obama in less than a year


  2. Although I’m not a Perry supporter by any ,means, he simply had a brain cramp at the wrong time. Although he didn’t look good at all, I’m thinking it’s not as big as some make it to be. Actually I liked the way he joked about. But as James B said, the “anybody but Romney” segment of the GOP is having a hard time accepting Romney. OH well … that’s their problem,


    • frank, it wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t already had three dismal debate performances. When even the conservative press expresses astonishment . . . for myself, I think it was very very bad for him, and his numbers have been sinking, sinking anyway. Perry, however long he tries to stay in, is toast.


  3. Does anyone think America’s ready for another Texan who trips over his words?! Sorry, but I had Bush flashbacks and I’m on the right! I think Perry’s done.

    I was never rooting for Perry to begin with, but I actually felt better about him seeing how he handled himself today in the interviews. I’d say do one more debate (that hopefully goes much better), see where the polls go, and then decide whether to stay in or not. I agree with the other comments that it seems to be Romney’s to lose, though.


  4. Is it to late to somehow convince Condoleezza Rice to save us?


    • The right so dislikes Perry (someone once called him ‘every woman’s first husband’ which I think is delicious) that I wouldn’t rule out a late, more acceptable entry. Problem is, Condi aside (she wouldn’t), who?? Or would there be a Perot like third party to drain votes away from Romney? What a year!


  5. Perry’s ‘base’ would have a better chance of saving Terri Schiavo.


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