WSJ Editorial Page officially delusional

From Dorothy Rabinowitz, old time Wall Street Journal editorial writer, today we hear that Gingrich can win. Her evidence is the thunderous applause he got last month at a Faith & Freedom Coalition forum.  She’s got to want it very much to say something like this:

Whoever his competitors are in Iowa and beyond, Mr. Gingrich faces a hard fight for the nomination. His greatest asset lies in his capacity to speak to  Americans as he has done, with such potency, during the Republican debates. No candidate in the field comes close to his talent for connection. [Gingrich? Really?] There’s no underestimating the importance of such a power in the presidential election ahead, or any other one.

Perhaps she’s on to something; his favorable number in a recent poll is all the way up to 12%!

10 responses to “WSJ Editorial Page officially delusional

  1. I thik the WSJ has been wrong about just about everything recently, so no surprise, I guess…


    • David Frum, conservative and former Bush speechwriter (Axis of Evil) had a recent post on the dismal record of the WSJ editorial page in advocating policies and predicting economic outcomes of the last decade. He asked:

      “Imagine, if you will, someone who read only the Wall Street Journal editorial page between 2000 and 2011, and someone in the same period who read only the collected columns of Paul Krugman. Which reader would have been better informed about the realities of the current economic crisis? The answer, I think, should give us pause. Can it be that our enemies were right?”

      Now there’s an honest conservative asking an honest question.


  2. I didn’t realize the Faith and Freedom Coalition was a good representation of the American majority. Meanwhile, perhaps it’s his turn to get the anybody-but-Romney vote.


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up having a ‘turn’. But it’ll be brief. Newt can’t stay cool for long – he always goes a step too far.


  3. As the Republican circus continues to roll on with stupidity, Cain is a screw up, which he has been from the get go. So now they’re pumping up Gingrich. Not to long ago it was Bachmann, then Cain…now this blow hard, who left his sick wife for another woman. So wwhen he screws up again, who will be next to lead the charge?


  4. The one upside about Newt getting the nomination would be that it would annoy Beck and some of the other rightie talkers (because he’s not conservative enough).


    • Plus what fun it would be! All his Vance Packard airy-fairy up in the sky psuedo-futurist intellectualism and Randian idealism would be on full display.Obama would win by much more than he deserves thanks to Newt.


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