This man is out. of. his. mind.

The Family Research Council just honored Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) for his “support of the family” perhaps because Joe Walsh supports his own family by owing them six figures in back child support. But hey, Christians forgive each other, right?

After watching these videos (long – go make the coffee), I’m thinking if I were his wife and the custodial mother of his children, I’d take the financial hit and consider it a bargain just to have him out of the house and away from sharp objects.

(The original vid I posted above wouldn’t open for some. Thanks to mac at Talk & Politics for providing one that works)

13 responses to “This man is out. of. his. mind.

  1. …and a loose canon, and a huge gift to moderate and centrist America. A guy like that spells out the lunacy of extremist/autistic ideology.


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  3. I can’t view the first video. I received a message stating, “This video is private.”


  4. He will not be missed when he’ll lose his seat to the other Republican in the districts reorganization.


  5. Wow. So scary to watch the polite exterior of one of those “family values” people slip and his true face show through. “I *am* right. I *will* tell you what to do.”


  6. Joe needs a punch in the nose!


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