Dialogue, 2011 style

9 responses to “Dialogue, 2011 style

  1. The cartoon says it all…


  2. I’m afraid of what the next two panes say…


  3. Buy these guys some hearing aids.


  4. Repeal Health Care Reform

    Many MANY people feel that the unknown cost of hiring someone is preventing people from hiring someone. For example, would you be more or less willing to purchase a shirt if the price tag today said $17.00 but after you wore it for 18 months, you would have to pay an additional $5.00?

    Cut taxes and spending

    When taxes are so high that corporations save money by shipping raw materials to China and then shipping those finished products back, jobs won’t be created here. To offset the tax reductions, we have to reduce spending.

    Obama corruption

    Yeah, this is pure politics.


    You certainly don’t feel that literally, every single piece of legislation is job creation do you?


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