How can I market my books and myself for FREE?

Run for president.

From a Bachmann email to her supporters yesterday:


9 responses to “How can I market my books and myself for FREE?

  1. Expect to see that book on the buck a book about a month after its release.


  2. I hope her book has an entire chapter devoted to the huge amounts of government money that she has lived off of for most of her life.
    And,….how she justifies wanting to do away with the very ‘entitlements’ that made her rise to notorious insanity possible!


    • They’re like dominors – first her, then Perry, then Cain, next Newt . . . one by one they rise to the top and one by one they fall/will fall, until there’s only Romney left standing.

      And the only one not harmed by the process is Ron Paul because he doesn’t play their games.


  3. “starting a successful small business”.. is she talking about that tax-eating farm and clinic of theirs? how they live as parasites?


  4. If Cain can do it and run at the top of the polls …..
    Why can’t she????/


    • Why james, she already had her moment in the sun and it’s already over – she was the flavor of the week until Rick Perry took the crown from her and then Cain took the crown from Rick and Newt waits in the wings to snatch it for his turn, and he’ll probably wear it until – in the end – it lands on Romney.

      I expect them all to be selling books soon!


  5. What will the title of Romney’s book be? Memoirs from the blow-dry candidate?


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