The U.S. and Iran

After WWII, Winston Churchill said “To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war.” Someone tell that to the remaining neocons, the ones blustering about showing Iran who’s boss.

8 responses to “The U.S. and Iran

  1. Oh give the poor neo-cons a break Moe. They have nary a candidathete they can control anymore. Sarah showed the way–go your own way! I mean seriously, a neo-con without a war to hawk over?


    • It seems Bill Kristol is a tad lonely these days. Even on FOX News, he’s now a level B guest. I suppose that’s progress. Although in his absense Coulter appears to be rising from the dead.


  2. What and who is a neocon?


  3. The dopes pushing for war are on the payroll of the defense industry. The more fighting there is, the richer they get.


  4. You need to go deeper if you want to figure Iran and the Defense Industry.
    1. Defense dollars have tanked and are going deeper in the FY 13-17 budgets in front of Congress now. The word “tanked” in an understatement. The money is gone and it won’t come back in the deficit environment we are in. At least not in the (POM) 4 year billing cycle.
    2. There is more than enough easy work for the next 5-10 years stacking up for the Defense industry industry to fight over. These are the “reset” and “regenerate the forces” dollars that must be spent by the DoD to reform it’s decade of war worn out forces. These are the easy, sure thing, dollars the defense industries will fight for. It’s more profitable to rebuild equipment with the molds you already have on the factory floor than spend risking R&D dollars in the hope of securing a new contract from the DoD.
    3. The DoD is probably the biggest anti-war entity in D.C. these days and they could honestly care less what the industry or congress want to do. they just want a day off and a chance to regroup before another nitwit decides to flex our overused muscle. You’d be hard pressed to find a war hawk in the Pentagon these days.
    -The POTR


    • Hey – nice to see you again POTR. I just visited your place and must say you are very witty guys!

      Listening to both Gates and Panetta and a few Generals, I think their message of the last few years is clear. And you have it right – the army is just worn down and worn out from a decade of two plus wars. Their equipemnt is broken and they’re weary. They need to catch their breath.


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