As a woman, as a liberal, let me just say . . .

. . . that I think many claims of sexual harassment in the workplace should be viewed with some skepticism and close scrutiny. Sure, sometimes it’s real and ugly and all that stuff. But far too often it’s not. I’ve known young women who see harassment in a clumsy compliment, and seem not to know the difference.

I don’t care if Cain did or didn’t. He’s only on a book tour anyway.

7 responses to “As a woman, as a liberal, let me just say . . .

  1. Even clumsy compliments should stay out of the workplace…. But your last sentence is the real point. Just a book tour, a very expensive book tour designed to dumb down the electorate a little more.


    • Hey Donald, welcome.

      I don’t think you can keep clumsy compliments out the workplace any more than you can in life outside. But for it to rise to the level of ‘harassment’, I think the behavior has to interfere with doing your job or there must be an implied threat re your job. Today, especially, a woman should be able to tell that coworker to just ‘buzz off’. It that fails and it continues to be a problem, that’s another thing.


  2. Let’s suppose that harassment never happened in this case. Cain is still proving to be a lying weirdo.


  3. You’re right Moe…
    If you’re not happy let’m know…..
    It they continue …..
    Let your boss know….


  4. I haven’t seen any progress on the who-tipped-politico part of the story yet. But you could sort of wonder what kind of threat he really is – having 0 visits to Iowa and New Hampshire the last 30 days.


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