When did ‘impactful’ become a word?

And why am I hearing everywhere?

14 responses to “When did ‘impactful’ become a word?

  1. When I complain of such egregious matters you tell me that language is a growing, evolving thing and I should just suck it up. Hmmm.


  2. Just imagine what comes next: unimpactful, unimpactfulness, preimpactful, postimpactful. It’s scary – they are like zombie words that eat your brains.


  3. My pet peeve is specificity. I don’t know why I hate it, I just do . Specifics and details were good enough until a year or two, now I hear specificity constantly .


  4. How about incentivize. That little vise on the end fits perfectly around my head and grows tighter every time I hear it. I get “incentsed.”

    Sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself.


    • Yeah, that one rings weird as hell – it’s downright awkward and yet there it is, another verb from noun. There’s also a syntax issue which kind of makes the damn word, um, oxymoronic??? 🙂


  5. You folks beat me to my contributionization. I’m not incentivized.


  6. I might even be incensified.


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