Rep. Cantor dances to my drummer


It’s mere hours since I posted Uncle Jay and his delightful video mocking the House Calendar (from 2010), and here comes Majority Leader Cantor, of the United States House of Representatives with the official 2012 House Calendar. Looks like our congress critters are going to be in session a full 109 days. This is sadly par for the course and we know there’s no reason to work a little overtime.


Oh well, at least that means more cool CSpan programming.

7 responses to “Rep. Cantor dances to my drummer

  1. I hope they don’t hurt themselves. BTW … since I don’t know, is 109 more or less than normal?


    • I wish I’d published the link I found yesterday (at Thomas I think) that showed the number of days in session since the 70’s. Dem or Repub, it’s a sad history. 109 days isn’t outside of the norm.


  2. 6 days in January. I guess they plan to have all the country’s problems taken care of by then. Seriously, if they don’t plan to do anything, why should they meet? And how much do we pay them?


    • Hey Donald, welcome. And yeah, we could ask why they even bother. I think the next session is going to be even worse in terms of acheivement.

      Don’t you wish we could all vote on our own salaries like they do?

      Here’s a sample:
      Senate Leadership
      Majority Party Leader – $193,400
      Minority Party Leader – $193,400

      House Leadership
      Speaker of the House – $223,500
      Majority Leader – $193,400
      Minority Leader – $193,400


  3. Work a 109 days, which leaves 265 days (next year being a leap year) of sick, vacation, personal or whatever else you want to call it. Talk about screwing the American people.


  4. Let’s vote to cut their salaries and “entitlements” (read health insurance and pension)! Eliminate the dining room; underground shuttle; gym and every other perk they receive. Maybe, just maybe if they get out of their ivory tower they’ll feel a little responsibility for the people they represent who work actual full time jobs for far less money.


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