This is why [fill in your favorite gripe here] isn’t working.

Thanks Earl and Gene

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  1. And now they’re working on the courts. I read that Rick Perry wants term limits for the Supremes. (And I don’t think it’s Clarence Thomas he wants out!) Shouldn’t there some required reading before one signs up to run for the presidency?

    This poster is wonderful and sadly true.


  2. This is why charity isn’t working…

    925 million people do not have enough to eat

    98% of them live in only 7 nations:

    Republic of the Congo

    …until OVERprivileged westerners open their hearts and allocate a percentage of income tax dollars (with full military backing [if necessary] to get the resources past the corrupt governments and to the people) to feed the underprivileged of the world, people will continue to die.


  3. Hmmm….me thinks this is untrue.

    The House has passed numerous jobs bills.

    Don’t forget, Obama’s bill was defeated in the Senate 99-ZIP.

    Not one single, not one, Democrat voted for their Leader’s bill.

    Then, the Democrats came up with a new one; tied, 50-50. Couldn’t beat the filibuster.

    Republicans turn; 57-43.

    The Republican bill was closer to passage in a Democrat dominated Senate than the Democrat bill.


    • Pino, unless I misread it, this is from John Boehner’s Speaker website. (that 99-0 vote was one of those fake things they do over there. Basically a vote to stall the vote.) Whoops, I’M TRYING to insert a table here, but it’s not working. Go here to see the 4 bills Boehner self identifies as ‘job bills’.


  4. Thought It is utterly remarkable that the Republicans vehemently argue that Washington and the Democrats have a spending problem. But what is important to remember is the House of Representatives and specifically the House Appropriations Committee controls all spending by the U.S. government. The Republican leadership today claims that spending needs to be restrained, when they have been in control of that spending since January 2011. Republicans have also been in control of the House of Representatives, and thus in control of all spending for 13 out of the last 17 years. The party that screams the most about spending has been in control of it a dominate amount of our recent history, including today. You might think that the part of our government that actually controls spending would restrain the spending if the party in control believes that spending is the major problem with our economy, but that has not proven to be the case. The Republican party appears to want to focus on budgets while ignoring the actual spending that leads to our massive, continuing deficit spending.

    for the day:


  5. Damn Moe…..Keep it GOING!


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