You gotta have a lot of prisoners to save money this way

A special state indeed. Texas is going to cut costs in its prison system by:

  • Texas ended the decades-old practice of serving last meals to inmates about to be executed after one man ordered an elaborate feast of hamburgers, pizza and chicken-fried steaks that he did not eat. (Well, that alone must have saved hundreds of dollars!)
  • Most states serve their inmates milk in cartons, but Texas prison officials said switching to powdered milk would save them an estimated $3.5 million annually.
  • Thousands of other inmates in the Texas prison system have been eating fewer meals since April after officials stopped serving lunch on the weekends in some prisons as a way to cut food-service costs.

In the US, two million people are in state prisons alone. In 2010, 225,000 of them were in Texas, or 1 in 100 residents. They built 174 new state prisons between 1979 and 2000, a 706% increase. (Texas has cut its prisoner growth rate in the last few years, but still holds the lead.)

Wonder how many of those prisons are private for-profit?

8 responses to “You gotta have a lot of prisoners to save money this way

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  2. This decision has been made the day after Troy Davis has been killed. The disgusting arrogance to make such statement after the death of a possibly innocent man in Georgia blows me away.


    • In Florida we have a legislator who wants to undo the law against tossing dwarfs in bars. I’m think it’s some sort of disease that gets spread at GOP conventions.


  3. Perhaps we should have figured out that the “Texas Way” doesn’t work so well in the real world after the first hours of Dubya’s presidency.


    • Hi Elyse, welcome! The worst part of these Texas guvs is they seem to be proud of leading a state with bad education, bad health, bad environment and probably bad breath.


  4. I think it is wrong to privatize the prison system.


    • Hey kibble, hi and welcome.

      Agree with you completely – private prisons have a profit motive and I hear they are actually lobbying legislatures regarding sentencing etc. The more prisoners, the more money!


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