‘splains a lot now, doesn’t it

from chrispiasck

19 responses to “‘splains a lot now, doesn’t it

  1. It is a sad commentary on life looking at that chart.


  2. I don’t mind having this many wealthy people in Congress. What matters is their actions. Joe Walsh one of the poorest guys out there and he also has the poorest ethics.


    • I don’t think it’s about ethics. I think it’s about whether we inhabit the same universe and whether they have shared experiences with their constituencies. We’ve always had a wealthy cohort in congress, but I think this is too big a spread.


  3. As someone who used to do politial cartoons in newspapers (albeit a while back) I continue to be amazed at the quality of the graphic interpretation of our present woes. There really is an outpouring of really interesting work and his is up there. Loved it.


  4. A graphic even the densest tea partiers should be able to get.


  5. They really cannot see things from the average american’s perspective if they are so far removed from the average american due to their wealth. It is only natural for one to look out for themselves first and foremost, and in the case of congress, that means looking out for the rich.


      • Hey Moe. I have really had my hands full lately. I just enrolled in college. I am going after my bachelors of science in software development – I am really excited. I will be at it over 3 years – I hope I stick with it this time. Last time I went to school I quit. But…I am getting up there in age. 30 years old and it is time I get serious. I am going to have to learn algorithms and binary code and all sorts of ungodly stuff…I am afraid I may have bit off more than I can chew – software engineering. A 55,000 dollar experiment, wish me well.


  6. Begs the question…why do they retire with full pensions and better than medicare medical insurance no matter how long they work. Isn’t not getting reelected being fired.


  7. This is another reason why people are interested in term limits…


  8. Convenient that the same people who vote to raise taxes also vote to raise their own salaries. Convenient that the same people who voted for the health care reform act will not be participating in it. Remember these feelings when you vote and work on campaigns. Remember this when your elected official votes against your values despite you voting for them. When we ignore their poor ethics, their poor tax records, we empower and embolden them.


  9. Ms. Holland ,

    I sure do wish that you would break down the millionaires in Congress club, by Party . I am always suspicious when Liberals bash Congress in General instead of their favorite punching bag, the Republicans .


  10. Ms. Holland ,

    ” It’s not hard to find Alan. I’m sure you can break it down yourself. ”

    Actually it is hard . I found conflicting information and nothing current.


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