I can’t keep my socks up

Honest. I can’t. At least I can’t keep those little ankle socks up. No matter the brand, no matter the material, they slip down my heel, work their way under my foot and in no time at all are bunched up under my arches.

I thought everyone should know this.

10 responses to “I can’t keep my socks up

  1. Thanks for this info…I always wondered why your heels showed, thought it was a fashion statement. Obvious solution…knee hi’s with elastic around the top. Remember them from school?


  2. Go bare foot. Problem solved. 🙂


  3. Two words: DUCT TAPE


  4. or staple gun


  5. Better than my ex-wife.
    Her pants wouldn’t stay up.
    When she took driver’s education, it took her three lessons to get out of the back seat and pull her pants up.


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