Glad someone else noticed

I just heard eternal prom date Howard Fineman (doesn’t he always look so pleased and relieved just to be on camera?)  say that the debaters last night, specifically Romney and Perry, acted like they were in a boxing match.

That’s exactly the way CNN wanted it, so we can say they succeeded I guess.

Jared Bernstein in the Washington Post today had a harsh word for the hosts:

“. . . . the debate had a clear loser, and it was Anderson Cooper and CNN . . ”

I think he’s too kind to CNN; Cooper didn’t chose himself to moderate the debate.


7 responses to “Glad someone else noticed

  1. I didn’t see the debate last night, but I’ve been generally disappointed in how the media runs them. If you’re interested in another perspective on politics and media, I blog at


  2. I wish the League of Women Voters could be in charge of the debates again. At least the civility would be brought back.
    CNN has turned into another Fox News.


  3. The different networks seem to be trying to find the format that out does the other. They are just like the politicians – centered on themselves, and not the voters.


  4. The League of Women Voters got tossed out by the parties because, I think, they let Ross Perot into the debates in ’92. The parties formed the Presidential Debate Commission or some stupid thing, funded it themselves so they’d be in charge (together by the way) and just shoved the ladies out. I think they want to encourage the ‘bread and circuses’ – the ladies were a tad too professional and respectful dontchaknow.

    Now, here in FL, the League has been forced to withdraw from voter registration drives which they’ve done for 60 or 70 years because the new laws restricting voting would make them vulnerable to legalities that were never an issue before. They felt they had to step aside to protect their volunteers. A very happy outcome for those working on restricting voting irghts.


  5. Have you seen any ratings for these “debates”? I can’t believe they’ve captured the attention of the masses.


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