Why I am going back to bed

I got two hours of sleep last night and I’m too old for that to be okay. So I was up much earlier than usual and at 6:00 am I turned on the TV for Morning Joe, which I rarely watch but what the hell else is on at 6am.

Cable box went out. I did the routine, unplugged, checked connections, gave it time, waited out the interminable Comcast reboot process. And the cable box went out.

Called Comcast. Spent 29 minutes (I timed it) on the phone (19 on hold). Their service reps are usually pretty good and even helpful, but the guy this morning must have been having a bad hair day. Eventually he sent a reset signal. And the cable box went out.  Need new box.This is the third time. All recordings will be lost. First service availability is Sunday; six days without service. Unacceptable. Comcast clearly hasn’t enough personnel to service their customers (and, I assume, really doesn’t care because in my area they’re all there is). I will rip the box from it’s hidey hole and carry it to Comcast. Where there will be a long line. I will try not to cry.

In my email this morning I find a dangerous dispute underway amongst my fellow Trustees (very local Endowment Trust). Beyond disagreement. This is not going to be pleasant and threatens to undo eight years of work. I will not think about it any more today. Tomorrow perhaps.

Also in my email this morning: Verizon tells me I’ve exceeded my monthly contract allowance on my cell and minutes are now being charged at a rate I’d rather not know about. But! But! “My account” at their website says no, no, not at all. Usage is in fact down. I must deal with Verizon. Which is best done in person and is possible because there’s a friendly store nearby. But I’m pissed anyway.

Am meeting my brother and his wife for lunch. Haven’t seen them since May, during which time I’ve lost quite a bit of weight which has made me feel great and look good! But we all know about odd family dynamics, right? When I got up this morning, I found that I’ve gained 20 pounds since last night.

And then. And then. Dear Elvis, and then I picked up my morning paper.

  • U.N. says Afghans torture detainees

KABUL, Afghanistan — Detainees are hung by their hands and beaten with cables, and in some cases their genitals are twisted until the prisoners lose consciousness at sites run by the Afghan intelligence service and the Afghan National Police, according to a United Nations report released here on Monday.

  • Gov. Scott targets university funding – not a disaster in itself; like most things it all ‘depends’. But:

Scott said that Rick Perry — the Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate — planted higher education reform in the Florida governor’s mind when the two met shortly after Scott’s election.

“He said, ‘I’ve got this plan in Texas, you ought to look at it,’” Scott recalled.

Perry was referring to the “Seven Breakthrough Solutions” policy paper created by Texas businessman Jeff Sandefer. A successful entrepreneur and energy investor, Sandefer also taught business classes part-time at the University of Texas until the school began hiring more full-time tenured professors.

Sandefer became an outspoken critic of state universities, particularly the system for promoting faculty. Tenure, critics say, places too much emphasis on research. To be promoted, faculty must publish original work. As a result, they spend less time in the classroom and often delegate teaching to graduate students.

(Ahhh. Inspiration from a State with the worst education record in the country. Way to go gov.)

  • Foreign plants and insects have slipped undetected into the US since 9/11, as customs agents were re-assigned to anti-terrorism, causing in some cases, devastating damage. It’s cost hundreds of millions – especially in CA and FL – in lost crops and higher grocery prices.

I don’t expect tomorrow will be any better.

12 responses to “Why I am going back to bed

  1. Comcast is pretty awful. And I have heard that Verizon Fios has problems as well.
    Chant or meditate!
    What’s the problem with the Trust folks? Should I rethink running for the Trust position?


    • OMG no Laraine – no! (I will admit to a bit of literary license when writing here – not as bad as I said. Just about ferry fees and outcome of budget workshop)


  2. Okey Dokey


  3. Can you just bypass tomorrow completely? It usually works for me…


  4. To see these Comcast ads telling us, we’re there on time, and all this other stuff they promise, and somehow they come up empty. It all packaged bull shit.
    I thought my morning sucked.

    Hang in there Moe, better days are coming. 🙂


  5. Happens to me from time to time….

    Take a nap if you don’t nod out anyways!


  6. Just another fine day huh??


  7. Hello there!

    Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with Comcast. I work for Comcast and I can help in expediting the repairs. Feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


  8. After 7 unhappy years with Comcast, I was thrilled when FIOS became available. Not only is the product better but their customer service, which was initially faulted in the press, had bounced back and is terrific. I know it hasn’t gotten to yoou yet but it will and when it does, jump on it!

    As to the cell issue, I have no comments that you haven’t been heraing for two years. I think when you don’t act, you lose the right to bitch.


    • Can’t wait for FIOS. I have no idea when they get here. And by the way, I should update this post – I got a call midday yesterday from a service rep who had had a cancellation and he was able to come here. It took him an hour and a new box, but I’m back up and running. Did you see hte comment from “Mark” at Comcast? This happened weeks ago with a Veriozn post too.

      (Thanks for the scold out here in public!)


  9. PS I think Comcast would have more money for service reps if they cut back on the weekly mailers they send to everyone. Like I’d ever go back. Right.


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