Oh. Great.

We really need this?

39 responses to “Oh. Great.

  1. Friggin’ great.
    Sometimes I wish OJ was still on trial or we were hearing about ‘Little Illian Gonzales.
    No wonder people check out of reality and become fans of ‘Survivor’….and such other nonsense.


  2. I can hear it now. John Bolten and the other chicken hawks screaming that we should nuke I ran now.


  3. This could get VERY ugly.


  4. What is the matter with you guys ? This was an act of war. This is the result of trying to be reasonable to these animals. What if it had succeeded ? You guys would be wringing your hands. Guess we will say more angry words and slap on some more useless sanctions.

    There is no incentive not to try this again for Iran. Eventually they will succeed . Can you say Chamberlin, as in Neville ?

    I guess the Friggin Iranians don’t give a crap about the terrorists our drones are killing. At least the Saudis might be more cooperative now .


    • Well then Alan, throw on a uniform and go to war. Have a good time.


    • Alan

      I guess I may have spent too much quality time with the DOD to take what they say at face value. One thing I know for sure: some very wealthy, very well-connected people make money on war. They have a vested interest in ensuring that we keep having war all the time. A war with Iran would be very messy indeed — and very profitable for the profiteers who run our government. It’s the money, Lebowski.

      Also? Iranians are not animals. Get a grip on yourself.


  5. The point I made a week ago is we live in a REAL WORLD with people who will harm Us or others…..


  6. And No we DON’Tneed this….

    But it IS out there…..


  7. I don’t buy this. The timing is too convenient. And it’s way too much of a “story” at this point. Like a bad action movie script.
    But we’ll see.


    • It does have the feeling that it was sandbagged, doesn’t it? A card waiting to be played…


    • I’m sure it’s true, but agree that it seemed a bit of an overreaction to something that didn’t actually happen. Honey for the Saudis? Vinegar for the Iranians? Political expediency? Serious perhaps for the parties (SA, Iran), not so much for us?

      I don’t think it’s happened here before, but isn’t there is a rich history of assassinations or bombings in ‘third party’ countries?


      • UPDATE: I said I didn’t htink it had happened in the US before. And I was wrong. It has hapepned here before – a few times – there was an almost exact enent in 1982


  8. Oh, come on this is too stupid. It makes no sense other than to justify a war with Iran. This makes the WMD lie look believeable. If Americans buy this we will buy anything., but then we do buy most anything don’t we. THINK,THINK,THINK


    • Jay, I’d be stunned if that were true. (welcome by the way!) Not only does no one want war with Iran, a nuclear power, but we couldn’t even staff it or afford it.

      That said, if you’re right, I’d have to toss every hope I hold for the future. And not just ours – a war with Iran would quickly become a World War. So I’m sure you understand that I dearly hope you are wrong.


  9. I hope. I am very wrong, but unfortunately there are strong forces in this country who want to nuke Iran


  10. This is a joke, right? “For the entire operation, the government’s confidential sources were monitored and guided by federal law enforcement agents,” explained U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, and “no explosives were actually ever placed anywhere and no one was actually ever in any danger.’”


  11. Ms. Holland,

    One of the multiple reasons for 911 was that we did not respond strongly enough to all of the attacks of the 90s, including the 93 world trade center bombing. If you avoid war at all costs, you will get war. Study your history.


  12. Ummmmm, have you noticed that the two countries we are still fighting in are not fighting us here ? Yes I call that avoiding war .

    Ask Stalin if doing everything to appease Hitler in 1941 kept the Wehrmacht out of the Russian homeland ? He never made that mistake with anyone again .

    You do not know history. Neither does President Obama .


    • Ummm . . . .Japan hit us at Pearl Harbor (just like 9/11) so we took the war to them. And we never fought them here. We never fought HItler here either. We never fought the Koreans here. We never fought the Vietnamese here.

      Which is proof that we avoided those wars.


  13. There is a dark thought doing the rounds which runs like this. Our happy little Iranian is frankly a bit of a dolt without real contacts or experiance. In other words he is a patsy. Could he be being wheeled out to allow the Israelies a free shot at Iran which might take out the nuclear facilities America is so worried about?


  14. In fact the guy who was selling cars with this dude said he couldn’t even figure out how to open the hoods on the cars he was selling. The thought that he could have managed something like this is crazy… and Iran is a lot smarter than the fools who thought this crazy story up, but hey,” remember the Maine”


  15. Ms. Holland,
    “Ummm . . . .Japan hit us at Pearl Harbor (just like 9/11) so we took the war to them. And we never fought them here. We never fought HItler here either. We never fought the Koreans here. We never fought the Vietnamese here.
    Which is proof that we avoided those wars. ”

    Again you have no knowledge of history . When you are threatened, if you do not respond with appropriate force, you will be attacked. If we had we stronger responses against Japan previously, they would not have attacked Pearl Harbor. And we did fight the Germans here. Ever hear of U-boats? Ever hear of German saboteurs being caught and executed by FDR ? Good thing the ACLU was not interested back then .

    We never fought the N. Koreans or Vietnamese here because we contained them there .

    You can’t avoid wars. All you can do is pick where to fight them . And think back to Reagan, you remember the guy you all thought was an idiot? Well I think it was in 1986 , when Reagan put the fear of death into Colonel Ghadaffy. He launched a military strike that nearly killed the Colonel . For 20 years or so after that Ghadaffy was much more cooperative. No more terrorist attacks against us. Amazing how well that worked.

    If President Obama could launch an attack that almost kills a certain Ayatollah or a certain President I’m a dinner jacket, Whoopie calls him that, Iran’s attitude would be adjusted.


    • Your logic is just tortured Alan.

      And by the way, there WAS an ACLU then. They were founded in 1917.

      And thank elvis for them . . . they were the only ones who stood up when that damn Patriot Act was passed. In fact, after the passage, so many people joined that they doubled in size in just two years.


  16. Ms. Holland ,

    ” And by the way, there WAS an ACLU then. They were founded in 1917. ”

    Betcha thought ya had me on that. I knew when the ACLU was birthed . They did not think stopping the execution of German saboteurs , who actually caused no damage of death, was worth their while. I think FDR would laugh in his grave at the way this country tries to be so PC.

    My point is still valid. The Iranians have no fear of the US retaliating for this terrorist plot. That is extremely scary. You have to scare their leadership. One of these terrorist plots from Iran will succeed. We are in the position of Britain and France in 1938 against Hitler.

    Or can you say Jimmy Carter JR ?


    • The ACLU is an equal opportunity defender of constitutional rights (from Wikipedia):

      During the 2004 trial regarding allegations of Rush Limbaugh’s drug abuse, the ACLU argued that his privacy should not have been compromised by allowing law enforcement examination of his medical records.

      2010: The ACLU represents a Muslim-American who was detained but never accused of a crime in Al-Kidd v Ashcroft, a civil suit against the former Attorney General. (The plaintiff, Abudulla al-Kidd (born Lavni T Kidd), was a prominent football player at the University of Idaho. While at college, Kidd converted to Islam and adopted the name Abudulla al-Kidd.[1] Al-Kidd was arrested in 2003 as he was boarding a flight to Saudi Arabia, where he planned to study. He was held for 15 nights under the federal material-witness statute[2] because he was to testify in the trial of Sami Omar Al-Hussayen. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller told Congress that al-Kidd’s capture was one of the FBI’s “success” stories.[1] Al-Kidd was never charged with a crime or called as a witness and was ultimately released.)


  17. This is just torture. What a bunch of idiots and psychotics in the Iranian regime. And by the looks of things, in our own governments as well.

    We need to consider how much of this is for domestic consumption. The Iranain people have grown a significant antipathy for their government, and as any tyrant knows the easiest way to build public support is to make it look like they are about to be attacked. Ahmedenijad is doubtless denying the allegations and the Ayatollah is doubtless puffing smoke about how those “decadent, immoral, imperialist kuffars” are out to get them. It could be all a ploy to maintain power.

    The Iran regime is dangerous, but the world is dangerous. The costs of war, both for the West and for the Iranians, over this serious but ultimately minor conflagration, far outweigh any benefit.

    The Iranian government can certainly talk like Hitler at times, but they have not made any overt or direct attempt to expand their regional power via conquest. Until then, there is no comparisan.

    Let’s remember the lesson of the First World War; the elite want war to further their own ends, and will seize on any act of war to get there. We shouldn’t avoid war at all costs, but neither should we jump into a war and all the destruction it causes for an attempted assasination.

    If Iran begins to expand its territorial control for the expressed purpose of regional or global hegemony, and to impose its absurd theocracy (which in reality is a power grab by the clerics) on the rest of the world, than lets gather up all of the West and send the madmen to hell where they belong. But only when they pose a genuine threat to us or their neighbours should we be worried. As callous as this may sound, so long as an aggressive power stays away from Europe, Japan, Australasia, and North America, the rest of the world could burn for all I care.


    • Hey DID, nice to see you. Iran is indeed unique. I don’t htink they’ve started any hostilities directly in 500 years or so. The last actual war they were in was with Iraq – for most of the 1980’s, after Iraq attacked them.

      I understand there is tremendous tension between the Ayatollah crowd and Ahmedenijad and the smart people are standing back and watching. And meanwhile, the populace – as you said – show signs of having had it up to HERE, THERE, WHEREVER with both of them.

      You wisely said “the easiest way to build public support is to make it look like they are about to be attacked”. Most people may not remember, but Iran looked ready for some moves toward moderation in the early 00’s with an election coming up (Ahmedenijad was running as a hawk, but was considered a weak candidate) and the liberal candiadte was favored to win. (It may have been Rafsanjani who had been prez before – can’t remember). That was, until Bush named Iran part of the ‘axis of evil’, and Ahmedenijad grabbed a hold of that, ratcheted up his rhetoric, and won. (Thanks George)


  18. D.I.D.

    Waiting until evil is obvious and strong is always costly in lives. In WWII, the allies suffered huge losses in the beginning , when they could have taken out the Axis several years before the war . The US lost the Philippines to Japan and American soldiers paid with their lives because FDR had to deal with attitudes that are similar to those here.

    Ms. Holland,

    I want to be the first to congratulate you on your guy President Obama killing Qaddafi. First Saddam, then a couple more in Al queda, now the Colonel . Way to use the American military to kill foreign leaders. If he’d stop being such a wuss on Syria and Iran, he’d almost qualify as a bloodthirsty Republican . Do you still want to defund the military ?


    • Indeed – the Allies should have moved to take out the Axis the instant they moved towards territorial aggrandizement. I am not saying that we should sit around and wait for the situation to deteriate to the point that the enemy is of such strength that it will require a civilization-shattering war to bring them down, I am just saying that we should not go to war immediately with any enemy we see.

      Waiting for a world war causes mass death by one conflict, but your strategy leads to death by a hundred little conflicts. We need to be more prudent in picking our battles.

      I suppose the American experience would dictate that you would be more worried about getting into a fight too late rather than too early, but trust me when I say that the Canadian experience indicates that rushing mindlessly into a battle almost completely irrelevent to national security right off the bat is an exceptionally poor strategy as well.


    • Alan – I began a response, but honestly don’t know why I bother? I’ll just say: we didn’t kill Qaddafi. The Libyans did. The bomb was French. We led from behind, remember?


  19. Obama did not kill Saddam. The Iraqi Court did that, after he was found hiding in a sewer. It was an American soldier that found him, took him out, and handed him over to the Iraqis. Also, it was not under Obama’s watch, it was during George W. Bush’s watch.
    Alan, it seems that you always want to talk about war, but most Americans are sick of it. And its getting kind of stale with your bashing of the Liberal bloggers, who are trying to make things right, and try to get this country back on its feet.
    One more thing, isn’t it time we stop being the policemen of the world, and start caring about the people in this country?


  20. I screwed up Saddam, I was thinking Bin Laden. You mean you guys are not taking credit for getting rid of Qaddafi ? The election is a year away and you guys are not giving the President credit ? The Obama media said that Obama did what Presidents going back to Nixon could not do . I was just trying to give credit where credit was due. So the French really got him? I know the Libyans actually finished him off. Last night nobody would say if it was a French plane or an American Predator that attacked the convoy.


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