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  1. Ms. Holland,

    Why do you not hate Apple ?


  2. I LOVE Apple!…..

    Bless them…..

    I’ll take them with their Good and Ugly…..


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  4. Ms. Holland,

    I am asking for something you liberals are not very good at , consistency. You are anti capitalistic and anti corporate. Apple is the most successful evil corporation of today. They are hoarding billions. They make much of the product in China. If they were an evil oil company , Obama would take these windfall profits and give them to their less efficient competitors.

    Like taking money from oil and giving it to solar. Well ,, why not take money from Apple and give it to all of the other technology companies that Apple is slaughtering. Why are you guys not for stealing Apples windfall profits ? Spread the wealth around. Just asking.


    • Neither I nor most liberals are anti capitalism nor anti corporations. I, and many like me, however, oppose (for good historical reasons) abuse of either. Unregulated, both of these are anti-democratic. Capitalism is not our founding principle, representative government and private property are.

      Capitalism barely existed back then. Adam Smith was writing “The Wealth of Nations” at about the same time we were writing our constitution. His ideas didn’t take hold here for another 70 years.

      And as for corporations, like anything else they can contriubte to a society’s health or they can be a detriment to a society’s health.They can be big or small, for profit or non profit. The largest corporations today – as I’ve said to you many times – have no allegiances, not even in recent years, to their own shareholdrers. They have no allegiance this nation. They have forfeited the right to be self regulating.


  5. Ms. Holland ,

    That was a lovely dance you just did. Why is Apple any better than Exxon or Bank of America, or the clothing makers who have their products made in China ? Because Apple makes really cool electronic gadgets ?

    From what I’ve read about Steve Jobs, he was a demanding Tyrant of a boss. It was what made Apple great . He demanded perfection in his products . He fired people in elevators and threw chairs across rooms when people failed him .

    Just the kind of Corporate guy you should have hated, but you do not . My point is that maybe the rest of corporate America does not suck as much as you think it does .


    • I think you’re deaf Alan.


    • Why is Apple any better than Exxon or Bank of America,

      They are not. In fact, they are worse.

      Apple is now the largest corporation in America; bigger even than Exxon. Apple has higher profit margins than Exxon, much, in fact.

      And unlike Exxon, who must pay people locally to work on drilling oil locally, Apple has outsourced their manufacturing to Asia.

      Apple is much MUCH worse than the oil company.

      And thank God for that! Imagine where we’d be if it weren’t for Steve Jobs. God BLESS the capitalist who devotes his entire life to making cool shit we’ll pay for.


  6. pino,

    You are the only one to give me a straight answer. Again , I am not knocking Steve Jobs, only pointing out hypocrisy. If you make politically acceptable stuff, you can do anything. Even Obama will not steal your windfall money . If only Apple made Solar panels . They would probably even work .


  7. Well, I’m not going to get into this ‘good corp, bad corp’ Apple vs Exxon thing.

    I will only say that I’m not aware of Apple spending hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying congress to get thier way and I’m not aware of Apple being subisdized by you and me.


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