Dear MoveOn


Via Reddit

8 responses to “Dear MoveOn

  1. It’s just a matter of time – before groups try to hijack the movement.

    But “American Autumn”? Like the flaming season before final death?


  2. Oh man, I love that! And ‘American Autumn’? Who came up with that – egad. They’re shameless. (I can say that in spite of identifying similarties between OWS to early Tea Party and Tahir Square. Similarities).

    Move On needs to move on.


  3. Move On has gotten to be a pain in the ass.


  4. At some point, the movement will need to decide whether it should evolve into a specitic political entity or remain a much diverse happening with the risk of losing its momentum…


  5. Ouch! What a text-lashing!

    I’m out of the loop on this one. What did MoveOn do that angered the Occupy Wall Street people so much? Was there some disagreement over goals or means?


  6. It’s an OK poster, but it would be better if they’d share their true feelings.


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