Who is we?

The people of the GOP do not know what GOP means.

The latest Vanity Fair/CBS News poll asked Americans what the abbreviation GOP means, and 49% of Republicans got it wrong.

(h/t friend Ed)

UPDATE: My brilliant readers dropped a few suggested names into the comments. How to choose? How to choose?

Gas and Oil Party? Greedy Oligarchs on Parade? Gotta Own the Planet?

Goobers On Parade?

Greed Over Principles?

Genius Old People!

– Gimme Oil Profits
– Gays, Out Please!
– Grubby Ol’ Panderers


23 responses to “Who is we?

  1. Gas and Oil Party? Greedy Oligarchs on Parade? Gotta Own the Planet?


  2. Goobers On Parade?


  3. Greed Over Principles?


  4. What would you expect from government education.


  5. Kinda like Nancy Pelosi and 500 million jobs lost …

    or … Hank Johnson and Guam tipping over …

    or … Tom Hanks with his “about a billion jobs” saved …

    Yeah, there really are some dumbasses out there …


  6. – Gimme Oil Profits
    – Gays, Out Please!
    – Grubby Ol’ Panderers


  7. Ha, ha, ha……..What a joke!…..THEY DON’Y KNOW WHAT THEY STAND FOR?


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  9. Some brilliant names here! Worth an update perhaps . . .


  10. I know what GOP stands for…. Getting Out Progressives!!


  11. Geez, I noticed not one of your “brilliant” readers got it right Moe. Shame on all of you.
    Not to be a spoil sport but FYI, it means Grand Old Party.
    Educate yourselves readers! 😉


  12. We all knew what it meant. But you don’t see the humor in it.


  13. Is this the civil tone our illustrious President has said he wishes to see in this great country ? Sounds like dangerous rhetoric to me . One of those smelly hippies , camped out and blocking traffic on Wall Street might be inspired to commit violence.

    Everyone knows that GOP stands for Goodhearted Obedible Pacifists .


  14. Obedible – now there is an archaic word and I can guarantee you are the only one here who knew what it meant. I had to go to a dictionary.


    OK, that tracks with “the old saying about candidates: “Republicans fall in line, Democrats fall in love”


  15. Ms. Holland,

    What do Democrats fall in love with ? Other Democrats ? Lost causes ? Bad technology? Obese government ? Smooth talking Demagogues ?


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