“Outside the constraints of history . . . “

There is some interesting commentary on protest movements from Rich Yeselson at Ezra Klein’s WonkBlog . Yeselson, noting that whatever the movement, it must first conform to our national character, had this which seems a particularly accurate portrait.

Americans–infatuated with the next new thing, and proud to believe they are outside the constraints and burdens of history–love neophytes, gifted amateurs. We’re action-oriented and suspicious of elitist expertise, and we thrill to the idea that anybody with moxie can jump in and deliver a baby or land a 737. Right now, it appears that anti-hierarchical, relatively inexperienced people are “running” the Wall Street protest. And they are doing big demonstrations really well. So far, so good. Anger can beget action. And action itself can be a battering ram that knocks down the doors of history.

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