Joe the Plumber seems to have fallen off the ‘A’ list

Remember this guy? Such good times. Looks like the invitations have thinned out since over the years (via Wikipedia).

2009: In January , Wurzelbacher began work as a motivational speaker and commentator. His first assignment was to comment from Israel on the fighting between the Israeli Defence Forces and Hamas, focusing on the Israeli experience of the conflict. On February 26, Wurzelbacher spoke at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference), where he led a panel titled “conservatism 2.0”. On February 27, he spoke at the American Tea Party protest in Lafayette Park. In March, Wurzelbacher attended two conferences in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, first speaking to the “Conservative Young Professionals of Milwaukee,” and then at the “Defending the American Dream Summit.” On April 15, he spoke at the Michigan Tax Day Tea Party in Lansing. On May 6, 2009, Wurzelbacher appeared at a campaign event on behalf of New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan. In May 2009, Time magazine reported that Wurzelbacher was quitting the Republican Party. On September 19 he spoke at a Tea Party protest at Veteran’s Park in Milwaukee.

2010: In February Wurzelbacher attended a political event for Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer. Speaking to a reporter afterwards, Wurzelbacher said that “McCain was trying to use [him]”, and accused McCain of having “really screwed [Wurzelbacher’s] life up”.

2011: In Wisconsin, in February, he spoke at a counter-demonstration, during protests against governor Scott_Walker.Walker’s attempts to abolish collective bargaining rights of some public employees.

7 responses to “Joe the Plumber seems to have fallen off the ‘A’ list

  1. He is nothing but a buffoon and a tax cheat.


  2. But hey … I thought he was one of the leading choices by the local party in Toledo to run for an office … maybe Congress.


  3. What a TOOL.
    I guess being somebody’s BOY hasn’t worked out so good.
    Nuff’ said.


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