As it was, is, and always will be

Now that Chris Christie has broken their hearts and screwed with their programming plans, our celebrity blabberer class have moved on to Herman Cain, who himself is presently strutting around believing his own press.

Cain will go down. Perry will go down. The rest will go down, except Mitt Romney, who will win. That is all.

22 responses to “As it was, is, and always will be

  1. When you’re right, Moe. You’re right. 😉


  2. Yea maybe…..
    It’s 3 months to the start of the GOP Primary season….
    And we ARE talking about Politics…
    And there are a A LOT GOPer’s afraid of Romney….
    A LOT……


    Speaking of going down….
    DuncanR of “The Madd Hatters” (a blog from the UK) informs us about a NY Times article saying that oral sex leads to cancer.
    Nothing is safe anymore.


  4. But Rudy Guiliani is in!! Or wait, he might be in, according to sources.


  5. Rudy is no damn good!


  6. Romney’s no gem in the rough either.


    • True, but he is better than the man in the Oval Office now, and that’s all that counts.


      • I doubt that very much. He’s a flip-flopper, and he’s just another millionaire, that only cares about the rich.


      • Rudy did a terrific job when he cleaned up the city and made it safer. But then he shamelessly draped himself in 9/11 to run for prez. Looked like cheap grandstanding to me, but it played well. I don’t know what skills he could bring to the impossible job of saving a broken economy in the face of a world wide recession. Or getting us out of two wars. But who knows?

        Remember when his 2nd wife – separated, not divorced – found out about his new ‘fiance’ who had just moved into Gracie Mansion before she became his third wife?

        Rudy, Newt, Rush, they do love getting married don’t they! But for some reason, the ‘values voters’ love them.


      • Whoops! I misread hte thread Sean. Your comment was re Romeny.

        Oh well, I got some of my Rudy distaste out, so thanks.


  7. And Sarah P. is out of the picture too. Thankfully.


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