The Koch brothers systemic criminality

Bloomberg just published a bombshell story about the Kochs and Koch Industries and how they do business –  apparently, they do it their own way and the law be damned. It’s a lengthy story and it confirms that these enormously rich and very secretive brothers really do see themselves as sovereigns, occupying a higher plane than mere mortals. With all this criminality, I don’t know how they ever found the time to hire Dick Armey so he could create FreedomWorks, the group that stands behind the Tea Party.  (These guys work ‘freedom’ into everything. They need some new writers.)

A Bloomberg Markets investigation has found that Koch Industries — in addition to being involved in improper payments to win business in Africa, India and the Middle East — has sold millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran, a country the U.S. identifies as a sponsor of global terrorism . . . [Moe asks: Remember when Halliburton did that?]

Internal company documents show that the company made those sales through foreign subsidiaries, thwarting a U.S. trade ban. Koch Industries units have also rigged prices with competitors, lied to regulators and repeatedly run afoul of environmental regulations, resulting in five criminal convictions since 1999 in the U.S. and Canada.

. . . . In December 1999, a civil jury found that Koch Industries had taken oil it didn’t pay for from federal land by mis-measuring the amount of crude it was extracting. . .

Phil Dubose, a Koch employee who testified against the company said he and his colleagues were shown by their managers how to steal and cheat — using techniques they called the Koch Method.

21 responses to “The Koch brothers systemic criminality

  1. Quite an impressive record. Looks like that idea Charles had about building a “positive reputation” didn’t work out so well…


  2. Just another reminder that the Tea Party folks are outstanding citizens who take their unquestionable morals on the high road of life.


  3. So the evil Koch Billionaire Brothers are supporting Christie. These bad actors want to privatize Social Security. They just want all the $$


  4. He,, he, he…..outstanding citizens ???


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  6. I’m not surprised by the Koch Brothers being corrupt, I’m actually more surprised that criminal convictions took place. Could it be there might be some consequences for their bad behavior, or will this be more of a slap on the wrist…?


  7. Why aren’t these bastards in prison?


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  10. I edited Corruption in International Business (Sharon Eicher, Ashgate Press, 2009. I live in Wichita and talked with some folks at Koch Industries at that time and was informed that the industries deliberately stay out of countries where corruption is rampant, just so that Koch Industries does not have the kinds of problems that is alleged in this news. The procedures described in the media are the “usual” ways that American companies skirt around the foreign corrupt practices act. I personally do not have enough information available to me to make any kind of judgment about this, but it is certainly interesting. I would love to chat with Mr. Phil Dubose !! Dr. Sharon Eicher


    • Welcome Sharon – always nice to hear from someone who’s actually got some experience and credibility in the area! Hope you come back.

      I think what you describe is a lot of what the Wall Street protests are about. One of the things that always irks me about the huge multinationals is that they abandoned any allegiance to this country a long time ago and yet vast millions of Americans defend their actions and call criticism of corps ‘anti-American’.


  11. Hear on radio today… “Koch should run for President himself & have Cain be his VP”… then we could have some “Kochcaine” to put us out of our misery…. oh well…

    Second point on the anti American Kochs is that their grandfather was in business with Stalin… So their lessons have been learned well… They want to buy America, just dont want to pay for it… The 2010 election was a wet dream for them… put all the wrong governors in all the right places and look at the outcome… chaos, job loss, Union busting, voter supression, privatization, Killing Soc Security & Medicare, war on women, attempts to dismantle FAA, EPA, EDUC, NPR, POST OFC, PP… And the right wing is worried about socialism… What a joke…. IF we didnt have the Senate & the WH……….?


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