Bobblespeak has a fine ear

Meet The Press – EJ Dionne and some congressman I never heard of seemed sane and made some sense. The rest not so much. But lookee! Peggy Noonan agrees with me (I agree with her?) about, what’s ‘er name, Palin.

5 responses to “Bobblespeak has a fine ear

  1. Ah Peg…knew you were smart, you’re finally saying something that shows it.


  2. Palin wouldn’t be able to make as much money or have as much fun if she had actual responsibilities, so can you blame her? That’s why she quit the governorship.


    • Can we say Grifter? The worst celebrity hog I’ve ever seen. Playing the rubes for every dime she can squeeze out of them.

      Any Occupy Wall St action out your way?


      • There was something going on at the capital over the weekend but I didn’t make it down there. I may write a protest song and go to the next one and play it. I could be the next Woody Guthrie. 🙂


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