The speech that got Obama elected

Remember this guy? (12:30 in is particularly interesting right now)

OMG, I’d forgotten John Edwards was the Veep candidate! Not our finest moment.

3 responses to “The speech that got Obama elected

  1. Hi Moe … I too always looked back at that speech as the one that got him the nomination … if not elected … yet, this is the first time it’s been confirmed. … but wow … he sure did deliver that night!


    • Hiya frank – I remember being blown away. Had never heard of the guy. I watched it with my father at his place – he was 94 at the time. He looked at me and said ‘he’ll be president some day’. And in ’09, he got to see Obama inaugurated. Pretty big deal for a guy born in 1912.

      But I don’t think he’d be happy today were he still around.


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