Christie isn’t running for President. Yet.

The first time I heard Gov. Christie (R-NJ) speak I was impressed and delighted to hear candor, something that’s been missing in our national life for decades, maybe longer. I don’t know much about his policy positions. My reaction was entirely to the man. (Yes, he can border on rude, but no one is perfect.)

Yesterday he gave a speech at the Reagan Library on domestic and foreign policy – anyone reading that as a political ‘signal’ could not be blamed. It occasioned wall to wall time on cable because our Washington press corps always loves them a ‘flip flopper’ so the prospect of the biggest fish flop of them all was downright arousing. Tingle up the leg kind of arousing. But it sounds like they’ll be left at the altar.

I didn’t hear the speech, just the Q&A folllowing it and I’m even more impressed. People are so hungry for this kind of talk. People are so tired of political clichés and so weary of the pander. That is why he’s popular. Many on the left (my people!) have mocked him for this very quality which suggests to me only a willful blindness. And many on the right are unaware that he’s not of the Tea Party, that he is said to be more like an old time northeast Republican without the prep school and Yale.

Since I didn’t hear the speech I remain ignorant of his policy positions – I don’t know if he was advocating bombing Iran and invading China or building border walls and taking all the uppity girls out of school. But he shone in the Q&A. He was funny and self-deprecating. His answers were deft and to my ear totally honest.

Predictably he was asked if he would –  indeed was begged to – run for President. Again, he was crystal clear – in the nicest way. And he said no. And no. And no.

So why was the Governor of New Jersey talking about foreign policy out in California to a huge and monied audience if he’s not running? Because I think he’s either running for Vice President in 2012, or laying the groundwork for 2016. And I think his personal appeal would make him formidable.

UPDATE: A lot of news stories and commentatary today suggest the writers seem not to have heard a definitive ‘no’ from Christie yesterday. I’m either naive or occupy a different universe than these people. For instance this, from Christie’s brother, as reported by The NY Times, is considered to be a dodge:

“I’m sure that he’s not going to run,” Todd Christie told The Star-Ledger. “If he’s lying to me, I’ll be as stunned as I’ve ever been in my life.”

25 responses to “Christie isn’t running for President. Yet.

  1. I think it is possible he is considering a potential role in national politics as a cabinet member – maybe VP. I’ve just heard his denials and actually believe them (not many is that the case). I don’t think he’s willing just yet to put himself under that kind of scrutiny.


    • Last night, Stewart had fun with how pundits of all stripes insisted that Christie ‘left the door open’. Glad you agree with me that he didn’t.

      And hello sparkvoice!


  2. Ms. Holland ,

    You are being exceptionally kind to someone who royally ripped President Obama.

    ” “Insisting that we must tax and take and demonize those who have already achieved the American Dream — that may turn out to be a good re-election strategy for President Obama, but is a demoralizing message for America,”


  3. He also said this direct quote: “They put a minute and 53 seconds of my answers strung back-to-back to back together on the question of my running for the presidency. I’m not going to bore you with it now. Click on it, those are the answers.”

    He referred to a politico compilation of all his repeated no’s.


  4. Moe
    Here’s a quick primer on how much you would hate this man if you knew more about him. The link below is not his only outrageous attack on education.

    Frankly I would love it if they ran him, because I will personally Swiftboat him to the point where he cannot show his face outside the Rayguns Library ever again. I don’t have time to do a full expose, so I’ll just give you the clip that earned him the nickname “Chrissie Walnuts.” He apparently thinks he’s on The Sopranos.

    Typical right winger, feels like his taxes are charity because he pays for private school for his kids. I guess he doesn’t benefit from living in a society where most people can read and write. Honest to God I don’t know why all these people don’t just move to Somalia, where they won’t have to pay for other people’s kids to be educated.

    Rest assured, I have numerous other stomach-churning quotes/direct, verifiable pieces of information on this asshat, just don’t have time to list them now. The truth about Chrissie Walnuts, well-presented, will render him radioactive to even traditional conservatives. He’s got a permanent spot in my Top 10 Scumbags list.


    • Xavier – Actually, as I said, I really don’t know much about the guy’s policies and wouldn’t be surprised if I found some of them repugnant (haven’t watched the youtube vid yet). But he’s definitely not aboard wtih the social issues so beloved of the religious right, which would disqualify him.

      What I did say though – and beleive – is that candor is refreshing and Christie is candid. It’s not so much what he says as that he says it straight and unembelished. Anyway, looking like he belongs in the Sopranos cast? Has to be plus in New Jersey. 🙂


  5. He’s too fat to be President.


  6. Right-wingers are treating Christie as if he’s the messiah. They like to claim liberals treat Obama that way, but they can’t site any examples.


  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” Right-wingers are treating Christie as if he’s the messiah. They like to claim liberals treat Obama that way, but they can’t site any examples. ”

    Hey thanks for the soft ball pitch. Chris Mathews said that President Obama has about a 160 IQ. The President has no record of ever being tested so Mathews is just basing that on his adoration for Obama .

    How can anyone think a guy who has said he was in 57 States, has an IQ of 160 ?


    • Ha! I knew you were going to cite something Chris Mathews said! According to rumors, in kindergarten, Obama’s IQ test showed an IQ of about 160. He hasn’t shown any evidence of being a genius while president, though. Still, that doesn’t make him a “messiah.” Jesus’s IQ was estimated to be in the lower 45 percentile, which puts it at about 90, so you don’t have to be smart to be a messiah.


  8. There’s no way Christie can win the nomination: not only did he appoint a Muslim judge; he believes in evolution, climate change, and some gun-control laws. But if he were nominated as vice-president under somebody like Perry, to pull in the independent vote, it would make sense. Plus he’s a bully; Republicans will be naturally drawn to him.

    He’s got a bit more going against him. As a lobbyist, Christie got securities fraud exempted from New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act. His client was the Securities Industry Association, which happened, at the time, to be run by a fellow named Bernard Madoff. That part wasn’t Christie’s fault, but the connection won’t help.


  9. I knew it. You can judge the threat to Obama by the rhetoric on this board. You guys must almost be as afraid of Governor Christie, as you used to be about Sarah Palin. Only almost. The pure viciousness isn’t quite there yet .


    Christie might flame out like Perry and Bachman, if he got in. He would have to prove himself against the others. Unlike Obama, Christie has a real record as a leader. I think Christie is looking 4 to 8 years down the road. He doesn’t have to get in now . He is young.


    • Actually, Christie seems to be a bit more sane the other Republicans, which makes him unlikely to win the primary if he decides to run. The Republican party likes their candidates completely wacko. 🙂


  10. Mr. Hoffman ,

    Just keep telling yourself that . Exactly what Jimmy Carter’s people told him about Reagan . No worries .

    Seriously, President Obama is throwing red meat to you far, far lefties right now. Not that you guys had anywhere else to go . At some point , when you guys are back in the bag, he will ‘ have to ‘ to far right to get the independents .


    • Seriously, President Obama is throwing red meat to you far, far lefties right now.

      Cool! We can have a barbecue!

      As far as the independents, they’ll just jump on whatever bandwagon happens to be passing through town.


  11. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” As far as the independents, they’ll just jump on whatever bandwagon happens to be passing through town. ”

    Oh no, I agree with you .

    ” Cool! We can have a barbecue! ”

    I kinda thought you were a vegetarian ? That you wanted to live long enough to get triple the SS money you put in . Me, I am thinking I would rather enjoy my steaks and have the big coronary take me out at one shot.
    I’ve seen what 107 looks like, and that ain’t for me.


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