We’re still in great company I see

Got this at The Daily Dish:

In 2010, as far as I can tell, these five states executed the most people:

1. China (2000+)
2. Iran (252+)
3. North Korea (60+)
4. Yemen (53+)
5. USA (46)

The writer notes that capital punishment is banned outright in majority Catholic countries, so “perhaps it has more to do with a very particular brand of Protestant Christian theology. . . “

6 responses to “We’re still in great company I see

  1. We’re lumped right in there, with the worst of the worse.


  2. There’s a great show called “Parazit” (noise) that does good reporting on all the executions in Iran. (Unfortunately the show is only in Farsi at this time.) Aside from the staggering numbers (which have spiked since Ahmedinejad came into office) the notable thing about the executions in Iran is that they’re almost always based on trumped up nonsense. They also target intellectuals and dissidents, go figure. Parazit shows these disgusting pictures of a dozen people all swinging from the gallows at the same time, then they show regular pictures of the victims. Staggering.


    • And we’re on the same list. Great.

      If the bloodlust doesn’t ease in this country (militarization of police, brutality etc – stuff that’s accepted by many Americans) I fear for our future.


  3. As they say in baseball, if you’re scoring at home, we’re only eight behind, for sole possession of 4th place. Sad isn’t?


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