Waste not, want not? Nah, Grandma had it wrong. Silly Grandma.

We’re a short sighted people, just asking for trouble. And it will come. Oh, it will come.

Oil companies have begun extracting oil from shale fields now. Doing it the responsible way is, however, expensive. Profit is god in our f-r-e-e-d-o-m  market, so any other considerations are for sissies. The Times reports from North Dakota:

Flames of wasted natural gas light up the prairie

. . .  the deliberate burning of natural gas by oil companies rushing to extract oil from the Bakken shale field and take advantage of the high price of crude. The gas bubbles up alongside the far more valuable oil, and with less economic incentive to capture it, the drillers treat the gas as waste and simply burn it.

Every day, more than 100 million cubic feet of natural gas is flared this way — enough energy to heat half a million homes for a day.

And look, this is way cool: we’re like Nigeria and Iran!

All told, 30 percent of the natural gas produced in North Dakota is burned as waste. No other major domestic oil field currently flares close to that much, though the practice is still common in countries like Russia, Nigeria and Iran.    

But take comfort, we’re “not as bad as Kazakhstan” . . .

. . . but this is not what you would expect a civilized, efficient society to do: to flare off a perfectly good product just because it’s expensive to bring to market,” said Michael E. Webber.

Anyway, those companies can always count on us to go to war somewhere if we need more. Just not on their dime.

20 responses to “Waste not, want not? Nah, Grandma had it wrong. Silly Grandma.

  1. Greed, stupidity, and Tea Baggers, and religion, are ruining this country.


    • Greed, stupidity, and Tea Baggers, and religion, are ruining this country.


      Moe, you have to ban the robo-posts.


      • What’s a ‘robo post’. Honest, I don’t know.

        Anyway, Don is a real and good guy and he posts lots of cartoons which keeps me happy.


        • Robo-posts? Neither could I figure that one out.


          • I resent what you said.


            your not going to tell me what I can post or not post.

            You’ll notice I made no such attempt. I simply provided commentary on what seems to me to be very obvious.

            By the way, I really REALLY love the fact that you are resentful of what I said in context of your very thoughtful, sympathetic and tolerant comments regarding individuals who simply have a different world view than you do.

            Now, back to WoW for you!


        • What’s a ‘robo post’. Honest, I don’t know.

          It’s a scripted computer program written by adolescent boys. It scours the inter-links for keywords, like “oil”, “natural gas” or whatever they are programmed to hunt down. Then, when they find those words, they post or comment garbage that can’t even be classified as talking points. Rather, it’s mindless drivel that has no meaning but to tip off the reader that we are, in fact, dealing with silly adolescent boys.

          he posts lots of cartoons

          Yes, some adolescent boys are capable of drawing funny things.


  2. But of course in the pristine Catskill Mountains in NY they have to hydrofrack to get at that gas poisoning the water. Heaven help us.


  3. :: facepalm ::

    Sometimes there are no words for human stupidity.


  4. Good get Moe……


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  6. Whatever else, I am very proud to see you posting about oil drilling and not bashing the oil drilling!

    Well done.


  7. pino,

    It’s such to bash American energy production and import more oil from our good friends at OPEC. Then we get to pretend that we care about reducing oil imports by building the Chevy Volt and putting up windmills.


    • Alan, as usual you’re reading into my post more than I said. I didn’t bash domestic production per se. I bashed waste. And waste is wrong; it is a very bad thing. I hate waste.

      Your hosility to seeking the next energy sources is baffling. If it’s just a smoke screen, why are China and the rest of the western world developing and selilng the technology. I’m thinking htey see an emerging industry and they want to get ahead and grab a share of that market. China also is very serious about getting greener at home – they’ve now got some of the worst air pollution in the world. We have some of the cleanest air in the world thanks to Bush 41’s Clean Air Act. Damn gubmint!


  8. Ms. Holland,

    You are right I am down right hostile to green energy. Because so much of it is built on lies . Our good friends , the Chinese have figured out how to harvest European and American government subsidies . Any technology we develop , they partner with us and steal it, then sell it back to us . Like GM partnering with them to build electric cars .Like GE partnering with the Chinese on jet engines, so they can compete with Obama enemy Boeing . Although that last one is not green .

    And for all of the wind and solar capacity China has put in their own country, much of it just sits there unplugged . They are still building coal plants and importing coal,,,,, from us.

    You can’t blame the Chinese for taking advantage of such a moronic Country as we have turned out to be . We pay for and develop wind and solar and then they get to manufacture it. If I were Chinese I would love Green too .


    • What they are doing is training a workforce ready for the next generation of manufacturing. We aren’t. They’re selling their windmills, cars etc all over the world, not just to us. We aren’t. They make whatever people buy. WE aren’t. And remember – people buy struff that they want. It’s true of all manufactured goods – not just ‘green’.

      China is dead serious about cleaning up their own air. It’s killing people in the cities. And making millions ill.

      So . . . you didn’t say whether you like our clean air? And clean water? And safe food? Do tell me Alan.


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