Alec Baldwin? How much pain can Perry handle?

h/t Mac



18 responses to “Alec Baldwin? How much pain can Perry handle?

  1. That was great! LMAO, truly I did. Loved Michele Bachmann—spot on impersonation of her, Minnesota accent and all. Thanks, Moe!


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  3. From within the family, eh?


  4. our family……

    He, he, he…..


  5. They are providing so much fodder for the left, I hope we can turn it into votes come Nov. 2012.


  6. Loved the clip. The shots at the ruthless audience were well-deserved, and the story of how the Bachmanns met was comedy gold.


  7. Baldwin can be truly hilarious at times. I thought the Santorum bit was awesome, but way too brief.

    I saw my first Herman Cain for President bumper sticker yesterday on a zombie apocalypse ready, Dodge monstrosity. It was nestled comfortably between other adhesive gems like “SECURE OUR BORDERS!”, “SOCIALISM” (this one with a charming image of the President in Joker makeup), and an NRA badge. BTW, does Godfather’s Pizza still exist? I haven’t seen one in years.


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