Who knew!

Here’s what I learned from Mitt Romney tonight:

We are a patriotic people. Americans put their hands over their hearts during the playing of their national anthem. No other people on earth do that.

Someone ought to have told Nelson Mandela when they played his national anthem at the Olympics that he was disrespecting our traditions.

6 responses to “Who knew!

  1. Romney won….

    Pery looked and sounded tired…..

    Santorum looked beter….
    The anti-governmenet stuff was red meat for the rightwingnuts….
    I blogged it over at the Dog….


  2. My god – you did it! LIve blogged the whole thing. Impressive. Anyway, as I said at the dog, I agree. Romney won. Perry is not up to it, fraying at the edges fast.


  3. Booing the gay soldier was certainly a high water mark for the GOP.


    • I agree, Ed, it was DEF a high point. Good going.

      MaureenH: “CRY AND HOWL” thinks you are a sweet liberal lady.
      I agree with just about everything he says.
      You must be nice.

      Romney thinks that America is the only nation that has loved their own nation- its absurd.
      Patriots reside in ALL nations.
      The EU patriots are totally devastated at the unfortunate turn of events in THEIR nations as patriots here are devastated with Bolshevik policies for over 40 yrs.

      I want the GOVT OUT of my life-OUT.

      CAIO ALL.

      Maureen, 😀


      • Hey jewess – welcome, I think 🙂 !

        I’m pretty agnostic about Perry except that he seems ill suited and unprepared. From the day he jumped into the race I’ve beleived and said that he would fade fast, that he would in fact self immolate.

        Christie will be a fool if he lets himself be seduced by the call of the sirens. His candor is what makes him popular, more so than any policy positions.

        Well, we’ll see won’t we. For us political junkies, this is all great sport.


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